Autumn leaves and boys being boys

It was a beautiful fall weekend and Jeff and the boys came over Saturday evening for a great time. We grilled, and ate together, the kids played in the backyard and we lit a fire in the fire pit and just enjoyed watching ALL of our boys be boys. They chiseled rocks and made “potions” out of leaves and grass and dirt. They ran and laughed and played on the swing-set and played tag and for a minute… it was almost easy to forget that they would have to go home the very next day to a very different environment. As a Christian, and a mother, I have a very hard time letting those precious little souls leave knowing that it will be at least 2 weeks before they get to really enjoy time with other boys and the freedom to be themselves. The relief Jude feels in an environment where he doesn’t have to pretend his brother is a girl is apparent. He lights up and has such a personality. They are both gracious and kind kids with such different abilities and talents. If it pains me to watch them go, I can’t even begin to imagine the suffering Jeff experiences each time he is required to give them up. The time to fight this is now, but without means, there is simply no way to make any move.

I mentioned last week that a very gracious person is willing to match any donations up to $5000. If it is within your means to give to help protect these children, now is a perfect time to do so.