“Dear mom, this is for you.”

James and Jude need your help.

A friend, a woman from Goa, India, recently told me a story about teaching children. Her friends, a well-educated family, told their son from an early age that he would be a physician. The boy had other wishes for himself. The parents persisted and monitored his studies through elementary and high school. They filled out his applications for college and chose his course of study. Always, they pushed him to medical school. He gave in.

Their son went to medical school, graduated, and became a doctor. His parents were so proud of themselves. Five years later, their darling son shot himself in the head. He lay in his bedroom, next to a suicide note: “Dear mom and dad, this is for you.”

I thought of Dr. Anne Georgulas, a Coppell, Texas pediatrician, who told her her son, beginning at age three, that he was a girl. She has twin boys from an egg donor, and chose one to be a girl.

That child’s name is James. James is a boy. He’s now seven-years-old. He’s a boy in every respect when away from the forces of his domineering mother. James is fortunate to have a father, Jeff, who affirms James as his authentic self.

Dr. Georgulas, regularly-schedules visits for James to sex-change clinics and gender-affirming counselors, with gay therapists, and she deludes him into wear girls clothes and make-up. She calls him by a fake girl’s name, “Luna.”
Dr. Georgulus sued James’ father. She accused him of abusing James, just because he raises James as a boy. She stated that if Mr. Younger,the father did not affirm James is a girl, then James would commit suicide.

James delights in dressing like his daddy. He asks for “boy shoes.” He boasts that he’ll grow to be tall and strong like dad.

Back to my Indian friend’s story: Their boy was forced into a life he never wanted to live. James is being forced in to something not in his nature. He is on schedule for chemical castration puberty blockers. The next step is sex-change surgurey. James in unaware of all this. He thinks he’s play-acting with his mother.

Please, pray that James becomes free to be himself. Pray that James will not face a life of banishment and despair. That he will not leave his “mother” a note next to his dead body: “Dear mom, this is for you, from your son.”