"Mommy says I'm a girl."

This is the first time that James’ father, Jeff Younger, found out. Anne Georgulas was teaching James that he was a girl. Published with permission of James’ father who can legally consent to using his image.

Speech at Texas Faith and Family Day

Jeff Morgan Interviews Series

Jeff Morgan is one of the best independent reporters in Texas. This is from a whole series of videos covering everything from James’ story, to the corrupt Family courts, and the federal financial incentives for courts and lawyers to destroy children’s lives.

Luke Macias Interview

Luke is one of the best political strategists in Texas. He’s a committed Christian and deeply cares about issues affecting kids. This is a great interview exploring the fundamental issues confronting Texas citizens.

Warriors for Christ Interview

In-depth interview. Full coverage of all the issues large and small.

Chambers of the Heart Interview

Kayla is well-educated on this issue, and she really cares about James and other kids in this predicament. She’s a great interviewer.

Victuris Libertas Interview

These are committed citizens who care about the course fo society towards libertinism. This interview touches on issues of government control, the role of foundations and professional bodies, and has a number of interesting and useful angles for people new to this issue.